• Angie De Benedetto

  • Luke Dajavs

    2012 Boys

    Current team coaching?
    Coaching 2012 Boys team

    Courses, Training, Certificates for coaching.
    Active Start 2018, Fundamentals 2018, Soccer for Life 2019, Making Ethical Decisions 2018, Leadership for Safety Excellence 2014, Alberta Standard First Aid.

    Previous soccer experience.
    Born in the UK I played Basketball and Soccer at Schoolboy level and Rugby at Provincial level.  I was always better at Rugby, but soccer always has and will be my true love.  Do not tell my wife.
    Coached youth soccer in the UK and coached Community soccer in Canada for 4 seasons before joining the Warriors.

    Warriors team Achievements:
    2019-20 Indoor Tier B – Silver
    2020 City Finals Tier B – Bronze

    What year did you join Warriors as a coach?
    I joined the Warriors as coach in 2019

     “Hard work is easy work”

    Favorite quote?
     Johan Cruyff: “In my teams, the goalie is the first attacker, and the striker is the first defender.”

  • Sheldon Denam

    2003 Boys, 2009 Boys & 2006 Girls, Technical coach 2005 Boys

    Current team coaching ?
    I coach 2003 Boys, 2009 Boys & 2006 Girls  and Technical sessions with 2005 Boys.

    Courses, Training, Certificates for coaching.
    NCCP junior, NCCP senior, MED: competition, Alberta soccer: C licence, Alberta soccer: B licence, Previous soccer experience: 

    Previous soccer experience.
    2003 Warriors Boys 2018 U15T1 Provincial Gold – Bronze at youth club Nationals
    1995/96 Warriors boys 2013 u18 T1 provincial gold – 5th place at youth club nationals
    1996 Warriors boys

    Alberta summer games:
    2010: Boys 1996 zone 6 – silver
    2014: Boys 2001 zone 6 – bronze
    2016: Girls 2003 zone 6 – bronze

    Alberta soccer association:
    2016: Fall mini stars instructor

    What year did you join Warriors as a coach?
    I joined the Warriors as coach in 2008

     “Play simple, play quick”

  • Fayyad

    2011 Coach

  • Nikola Vignjevic

    As the Coaching Coordinator of the Edmonton Warriors Soccer Club, I’m responsible for the appointment and administration of the entire Head Coaching staff, development and implementation of the technical program, and the recruitment of elite players who want to enter the EMSA competitive youth soccer program.

    Current team coaching ?
    I coach 2005 and 2010 boys. I also help with technical practices

    Courses, Training, Certificates for coaching.
    National B licence ,Provincial B licence

    Previous soccer experience.
    Former professional Soccer player spanning 14 years in Europe & North America

    What year did you join Warriors as a coach?
    I joined the Warriors as the Coaching Coordinator in 2008

     “Train to help kids develop their talent and not to chase Provincials, Nationals, or medals”

  • Sheldon Heitt

    2008 Coach

    Current team coaching?

    Courses, Training, Certificates for coaching.
    FUNdamentals, Learn to Train.

    Previous soccer experience.
    Played community as a child, Junior High school team. Coached community U4 to U8 prior to coming to Warriors. With Warriors I coached a couple seasons with a U10 tier 1 team that my son played on. Since then I started coaching my younger son when he was U8 and have continued coaching U9 thru to currently at U10 again.

    What year did you join Warriors as a coach?
    I joined the Warriors as a U10 coach in 2014

     “Scoring the goals is the easy part, working hard and getting the assists is the satisfying part.”

  • Watts

    2004 Coach

  • Obando

    2006 Coach

  • Alberkant/Denam

    2009 Coach