September 28, 2020

Luke Dajavs


Current team coaching?
Coaching 2012 Boys team

Courses, Training, Certificates for coaching.
Active Start 2018, Fundamentals 2018, Soccer for Life 2019, Making Ethical Decisions 2018, Leadership for Safety Excellence 2014, Alberta Standard First Aid.

Previous soccer experience.
Born in the UK I played Basketball and Soccer at Schoolboy level and Rugby at Provincial level.  I was always better at Rugby, but soccer always has and will be my true love.  Do not tell my wife.
Coached youth soccer in the UK and coached Community soccer in Canada for 4 seasons before joining the Warriors.

Warriors team Achievements:
2019-20 Indoor Tier B – Silver
2020 City Finals Tier B – Bronze

What year did you join Warriors as a coach?
I joined the Warriors as coach in 2019

 “Hard work is easy work”

Favorite quote?
 Johan Cruyff: “In my teams, the goalie is the first attacker, and the striker is the first defender.”

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